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What is Prayer Ministry?

Many of us in "the body of believers" have mistakenly thought our time of conversion as being one when all these problems would be settled immediately! Praise God some are!

Satan has rejoiced in sowing seeds of doubt and feelings of unworthiness with the discovery that mostly this isn't so. Worse still, he uses feelings of shame to prevent us, sometimes for many years, from seeking help.

Scripture is clear however, about our conversion being a wonderful time of meetin our Saviour and then beginning our relationship journey with Him. It is a time when our "sanctification" begins and when the power of His blood becomes available to us because of His death. This is why Hebrews 10:14 says that "by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy".

Prayer ministry or prayer counselling is where members of the body of Christ assist other members to come into freedom from the sin and sickness in their lives, by going together to Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Some problems commonly dealt with are:
past traumas and hurts, including dissociation
wounded memories
effects of all types of physical, emotional, psychological, sexual and spiritual abuse
repetitive physical ailments
lingering relationship difficulties
emotional bondages, anger, guilt etc.
fears, phobias, addictions and dependencies
lack of Holy Spirit fruit and spiritual growth
effects of occult, false religion and new-age involvement
ailments passed down from ancestors
spiritual problems, including demonisation

The Healing Prayer Ministries Network Centres have been set up to offer powerful and effective help for just these situations which are routinely encountered at all the Centres.

The Prayer Ministry Team. . .

Many of the centres listed on this site follow a model of prayer ministry which has been found to be effective. It uses two groups of people. some, usually two, will pray with the person receiving ministry. A second group in another room will intercede for the ministry.

Both groups are trained, experienced and caring staff. The prayer team will meet with you by appointment and spend time in the power of the Holy Spirit ministering to you.

These staff have all gained extensive, specific and appropriate training in this field from one or more teaching ministies, including the following:


Located in Elanora, Qld., Peter and Heather Toth provide regular seminars and intensive ministry schools, with a particular focus on deliverance, dissociation and SRA.

Beth Tephillah Ministries

Located in Williamstown, Vic., Malcolm and Diana Dow and the staff of BTM provides regular seminars and courses in Prayer Ministry, Intercession, Spiritual Warfare, Discipleship and Prophetic Ministry.

Deep Healing Ministries

Dr. Charles Kraft has visited Australia from the USA several times to present seminars for BTM, PMN and WTCMA. Visit Beth Tephillah Ministries website for some of Chuck's tapes and videos. Dr. Kraft has now left Deep Healing Ministries.

Elijah House Australia

US prayer ministry pioneers John and Paula Sandford have presented numerous seminars in Australia, and EHA conducts regular courses throughout Australia.

Ellel Ministries

Peter Horrobin and his team have visited Australia from UK to present seminars, and courses and retreats are conducted from Ellel's Sydney base.

Restoration in Christ Ministries

Tom and Diane Hawkins' US based ministry specialises in ministry to DID and SRA survivors. They have presented seminars in Australia at the invitation of Health Care in Christ and Watchman Ministries


Pat Shepherd conducts prayer ministry training courses at Christ Church Dingley, VIC. Restoration aims to make this training easily accessible to all churches by means of video tapes.

Sonrise Family Ministries

Sandra Rule and her team specialise in training and ministry to children, women and families.

Theophostic Ministries

US based Dr. Ed Smith has trained many people in Australia to use his effective Theophostic Ministry method.

Wholeness Through Christ Ministies (Australia)

Victorian based WTCMA have provided many prayer ministry training opportunities.

In addition some staff members have undertaken training with various specialist ministries, and are encouraged to take advantage of visiting experts and conferences. All staff attend regular refresher courses and seminars to stay up to date and aware of what the Lord is saying in the field of healing and prayer ministry.

The intercession group listen to the Lord on behalf of the counselee and the ministry team. They fight the spiritual battle as the Lord leads them. In addition, when the Lord reveals encouraging things to them they write them down on a sheet of paper.

This sheet is passed under the door of the ministry room shortly before the end of the ministry session, when it is shared with the person and any further ministry revealed by the sheet is done. The person takes this sheet home as an encouragement and as good evidence that the Lord has indeed been heard on their behalf.

At the end of the ministry the team ask the Lord to help them forget anything about the person that is not their business to keep. The intercessors are not told anything about the person, either before or after the session, ensuring that confidentiality is kept and that it was indeed the Lord who spoke through them.

Prayer Ministry Staff are under the leadership of an experienced Centre leader and work with the authority and encouragement, and under the accountability of the church leadership if the Centre is church based, or under the board that takes responsibility for the Centre.

Anything at all that is restricting our walk with the Lord should be seen as a problem and dealt with hastily. For this reason prayer ministry is open to us all, and Centre staff must also receive regular ministry.

Find healing. . .

"Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective."

James 5:16


Prayer Ministry

"Prayer Ministry" is not based on the tools of counselling or words of advice. Rather, in prayer, (and with intercessors in another room praying for you!) you are lifted up to Him where, in His grace, He reveals these "legal rights" and "root causes" so that His power can be lovingly administered with permanent effect.

Many testify to "life changing" results arising from these quiet, blessed times. The Lord is constantly being praised and thanked for the anointing that He has placed upon this ministry.