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Diana Dow has written an interesting article on Forgiveness Forgiveness is such a critical component of healing. Knowing the forgiveness of God through the reconciling work of Jesus on the cross is the beginning of peace with God. For many we struggle with unforgiveness - of ourselves, others and God. Much has been written on the need for us to forgive if we are to receive the forgiveness of God.

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Would you like to curl up beside the fire this winter with some good books about prayer ministry? Why not visit our Prayer Ministry Book Store? At present we are featuring the works of Dr. Charles H. Kraft, to go with the recent seminars that Dr Kraft presented in Melbourne. There are also many books by John and paula Sandford and their family.

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There are many groups and organisations who offer healing prayer ministry or training in prayer ministry. There are also many groups who offer other services and resources of interest to those involved in or seeking healing prayer. Visit our Groups and Organisations page to see what we have discovered.

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Many individuals, groups, churches and organisations involved in healing prayer ministry have useful and interesting websites. Visit our Prayer Ministry Websites page to see those we have listed.

A list of useful and interesting prayer ministry websites can be found here.

Use the Healing Prayer Ministry Search Engine to find out anything you wish to know about healing prayer ministry and counselling on the web.

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Healing Prayer Ministries Network discussion group - This is a private discussion group - only those active in Australian healing prayer ministry can join.

For more information and details of how to join contact Di or Mal Dow via email at

When you apply please tell us your name, where you minister, the nature of that ministry (e.g. a church, ministry centre, part of a team, private ministry, etc., and any training you have undertaken. If you know someone who is already a member of HPMN, please include their details as well. Requests to join are sent around the whole group for a recommendation, which sometimes takes a period of time.

On this page we will list resources useful to those engaged in prayer ministry, such as articles, books, courses, prayers, techniques insights, revelations and other reference material.

If you have something that you believe would be useful, then send it to me to be considered for inclusion on this site. Please be aware of copyright requirements.

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