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There are many books available which teach the elements of prayer ministry. Dr. Charles Kraft, who has presented seminars for us in Melbourne in 2001 and 2003, is a pioneer and teacher of healing prayer ministry, and we present here some of the excellent books he has written.

Many of these are available at major Christian book stores. However, if you find difficulty in obtaining them, or, like many people these days, you enjoy the convenience and speed of shopping online, we have made a selection available here through the world's largest bookstore - Amazon.com. Click on a book title if you wish to read reviews of the book or buy a copy.

One of the books which Jesus used to help change the way I viewed the world, and thereby turned my life upside-down (or is it right-side-up?) is Christianity With Power: Your Worldview and Your Experience of the Supernatural . One reader from Los Angeles said this: "This is an excellent book for any Christian seeking to experience the power of Jesus Christ. It prompts us to consider how the Western culture binds us from experiencing our faith in the radical way God intended, and challenges us to break out of cultural confines to find the power of Christ in our everyday faith."

"In Defeating Dark Angels: Breaking Demonic Oppression in the Believer's Life, Charles Kraft explains how demons operate, how to resist their influence, and how to cast them out in Jesus' name. Here is the practical and spiritual help you need, both to defeat dark angels in your own life and to minister God's freedom and healing to others." (Ingram). I remember well the time immediately after reading this book, when I decided I HAD to test out what I had read, and what Dr. Kraft had shown me in a recent demonstration. Well ... I wasn't disappointed, but I was surprised - but that's another story for later! I had heard criticism from 'experts' of Chuck's methods, but once I saw how and why he did what he did, I had to wonder what these 'experts' THOUGHT that he did, and how they came to think this! It reminds me of the Pharisees criticising Jesus for setting a woman free on the Sabbath - and of his answer to those critics.

Reading I Give You Authority has increased my awareness of just what authority I have as a son of God, and how to use that authority rightly and effectively. Here you will find keys for victorious living in the power of the Holy Spirit. As parents of an older adopted child, Diana and I found the chapter Authority in Families particularly helpful. Recommended!

Deep Wounds Deep Healing: Discovering the Vital Link Between Spiritual Warfare and Inner Healing. The subtitle just about says it all. This book is a mine of good sense and useful insights about healing and deliverance, and should be a standard textbook for all engaged in this ministry.

Written with Dr. David DeBord, The Rules of Engagement : Understanding the Principles that Govern the Spiritual Battles in Our Lives is a concise and systematic setting out of observations and principleswhich will give both novice and seasoned spiritual warriors a deeper knowledge of spiritual conflict, ranging from the personal level to the territorial level. Read it to become better equipped to fight the battles every serious Christian disciple faces. We all need to understand the rules of the warfare that goes on between the kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Darkness.

Behind Enemy Lines: an Advanced Guide to Spiritual Warfare. As I think about the title of this book I am reminded of something I often say to my Prayer Ministry staff and students: In any spiritual battle there is only one safe place. If you go off on your own trying to be a hero you get picked of by enemy snipers. If you stay in the rear you may think you are safe, but as someone else eloguently put it, the enemy will dump napalm on you and you will get fried. The only safe place is at the side of Jesus, your commander. And Jesus is invariably at the front of the battle! Well, Chuck goes one further here. In fact, since the fall, we are living in enemy territory. The whole of planet earth is behind enemy lines. But if you acknowledge the Kingship of Jesus in your life, then the Kingdom of God - where Jesus is King - is where YOU are. What a way to undermine the enemy - take HIS rear positions!

Confronting Powerless Christianity: Evangelicals and the Missing Dimension. Stephen A. Seamands, Professor of Christian doctrine, Asbury Theological Seminary, describes this book thus: 'If you are skeptical about, yet intrigued by, the issue of spiritual power for today, Charles Kraft provides a biblical, reasonable apologetic for a realm too often overlooked. He describes his own paradigm shift concerning the power of Jesus to heal and free others, and explains persuasively why every Christian should be confronted with this ́missing dimension.' This book is a welcome sequel to Chuck's famous book Confronting Powerless Christianity. Essential reading!-->

Dr. Kraft is an ex-missionary and a respected anthropologist. If you have an interest in exploring in greater depth some of the more academic concerns of communicating the Gospel in a cultural context, then you might like to examine the following books:

Chuck's wife, Dr. Marguerite Kraft, herself a professor at Biola University, has also writen two books which are well worth reading, Worldview and the Communication of the Gospel, and Understanding Spiritual Power: A Forgotten Dimension of Cross-Cultural Mission and Ministry. Unfortunately they are both out of print, but you might find a used copy through Amazon.com or a second-hand book dealer. They would be worth the effort. I have a copy of Understanding Spiritual Power which I found on a sale table and grabbed it. One reviewer says: "While secularized cultures of the West have a great deal of difficulty dealing with the 'spiritual' as a real, non-imaginary dimension of life, most of the world's peoples do not. Having worked and studied among peoples of several non-Western societies, Marguerite Kraft is convinced that coming to terms with 'spiritual power' presents one of the greatest challenges for all those who work among non-Westerners in pastoral or mission situations."

Changes in Western society are proving Meg Kraft right, with the rise of New Age and of Postmodern despair on the one hand, and the joy and exuberant freedom we experienced in the 'Torronto Blessing' years on the other. However, unfortunately much of the church is proving slow to recognise that this change is taking place. We still are prone to react against what should be considered to be tremendous opportunities to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a Western society no longer so resistant to spiritual realities.

Well, I hope you find something to get your teeth into among that lot. I am planning to introduce a page for reviews submitted by readers of this site, so watch out for this. In the meantime, if you have any comments, submissions, questions, criticisms, testimonies, etc. then don't hesitate to contact me at . Enjoy!


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